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Written and designed by Susan Hargreaves

Special Announcement!

Meet the 2011 Animal Heroes Awards recipients who have helped all species of animals!
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California Middle School students Help Lots of Animals

Fedde International Studies Middle School students in California's petitioned tirelessly to have Meatless Mondays in their cafeteria, with 325 signatures saying yes to Meatless Mondoays out of a school pop of approx.. 400, the students achieved victory for animals. Students also helped companion animals, here is a message from their teacher, Cat Hugar:

My students have been busy rescuing animals this week. On Monday, they found a 3 week old kitten on the street being shoed away by a man. The kitten is in good health now and is being adopted!


The other rescue occurred this morning. My students heard a cry coming from a box by a supermarket and found a starving, abandoned Chihuahua. That pup is currently at the vet and on his way to a foster.


9 year old Animal Hero Kids President's call to action. JOIN US!

Animal Hero Kids are Sprouting Up All Over

Logan and 4-legged friend, Edison enjoy a well deserved nap

9 Year Old Animal Hero will be recognized at Central Florida s Earth Day Event April 20, 2013

Animal Hero Kids and Humane Educators Reaching Out; encouraging and recognizing Animal Hero Kids for 32 years.

See 9 year old Logan be rewarded for his compassion and determination to educate others about animals in peril.

Logan a 9 year old, 4^th Grade student works tirelessly to help many species of animals . His class presentation described the living, transporting and cruel training reality for captive wildlife used in circuses caused a definite change in his peers attitudes. When the school gave free tickets to a circus who uses animals for tricks to Logan s class, all but one student threw the tickets away.

Logan is also a vegetarian and raises awareness about the health and wellbeing of animals abused in factory farming. He protests puppy stores, circuses, and promotes vegan awareness at Amway arena events.

Edison, a rescued, deaf English bulldog, is Logan s best friend. He plays, feeds, walks and cuddles and (as you see from the above photo naps)with Edison, consistenty.

Animal Hero Kids is proud to recognize Logan Main for his kindness and dedication towards all animals at 1:45 PM at the main band stage on April 20 at Central Florida Earthday for more info please, go to Humane EducatorsReachingOut.com and AnimalHeroKids.org or call 561-575-5517 or email kind2all@bellsouth.net

Olivia Speaks Out for All Animals

Join Animal Hero Kids on Oct 27 at VegFest in Orlando at 12:45 pm at the main stage. See one of this years' Animal Hero Award recipients presented with her award.

Animal Hero Kid Award Recipient urges no killing

2011 Animal Hero Kid Award Recipient speaks to Fish & Wildlife Commissioners, urges no killing in "refuge":

Khareem rescues Honey

Khareem and Honey

Khareem is a compassionate middle school student who has a story to tell about what happened one Sunday night when he and his friends were playing in their Miami neighborhood.

Well, with Winnie my friend Janika, Julian, me, and others saw a kid chasing Winnie down the street as she was limping and trying to get away from him. He caught her and shoved her down a storm drain. Janika came to get me while Julian chased kid away. While Tia climbed down in storm drain to get Winnie out. She had a severely broken leg, which had to be amputated. Grateful Paws was the only rescue that would help so we started volunteering with them. We found a great home for Winnie but decided there were lots more animals out there that needed our help.

The main reason why I don't go to Circuses is because of the hurtful way they train the animals, how they take away the baby from the mother which is very cruel, and wild animals should stay in the wild!

To me what's wrong with animal acts is its inhumane for us as well as the animal, and the also the wild is supposed to stay in the wild.

Be An Animal Hero!

Watch! .. Be an Animal Hero
with Justin Bieber, Ricky Williams, Ron Artest, Alec Baldwin, Sugar Shane Mosley, Susan Hargreaves and
the Animal Hero Kids..

Dominic Speaks Up for Orca

The Free Lolita Demo

Lolita, a captive Orca was stolen from her home and family 41 years ago. Dominic Geragi, an 8 year old Animal Hero Kid Award recipient, explained at a protest outside of the Miami Seaquarium on Saturday. A series of explosions were used in the whale napping. Lolita is trapped in a cement tank less than a mile away from the open sea. The human equivalent of her life would be like being stuck in an elevator for the rest of your life, with food thrown in and being forced to perform timed tricks.

8 Year old Dominic, Animal Hero Kid

Dominic, and many other children and adults, empathize with Lolita's miserable plight, footage from "Lolita Slave To Entertainment" a doc showed her floating in one spot in a small pool, so, lethargic, her whole body showing how depressed she is.

Less people are going to acts that involve animal cruelty as we evolve and realize the misery our entertainment dollars support. Come on profiteers of Lolita's back and misery, time to let her go, time to release her from her watery cell. Animal Hero Kids agree around the world.

"Four Palm Beach youngsters honored with Animal Hero Awards

Because of her actions, she was one of four Palm Beach County kids recently honored with an Animal Hero Award.

"Spreading Healthy Veg"

Susan Hargreaves and Ronnie V Cow spreading the healthy, kind message of going veg

"Be Kind to All Animals poster contest"

Left to Right Marianna Dennis, 93.7 FM the Breeze, Rocky Raccoon, Sherry Schlueter, Wildlife Care Center, Ronnie V Cow, JoAnne Matz, Help Us Help Them Fund, Kitty T Cat, and Susan Hargreaves.

The Be Kind to All Animals poster contest judges have a few furry friends looking over their shoulders.

Rocky, Kitty, and Ronnie all have a vested interest in posters that demonstrate or encourage kindness to all animals being chosen to display at Blake Library the week of November 8th-15th. Susan Hargreaves will kick off the display with a Be Kind to All Animals presentation on November 8th at 6:30 PM at the Blake Library.Please call 561-575-5517 for more information.

"Record Number of Children Speak Out for Foxes and Coyotes at FWC Meeting"

Child speak at FWC Meeting

On June 23, the Fish and Wildlife Commission meeting in Lake Mary, Florida, was standing room only as an attentive quiet descended on the 250 people assembled there. "I am an athlete, a swimmer, and a basketball player " stated a 10 year old girl who was speaking to the FWC Commissioners, "if Fox Penning is a sport I would be ashamed to call myself an athlete". FWC Commissioners were captivated by the children's eloquence, and courage as they advocated on behalf of the foxes and coyotes who are chased by packs of dogs with no hope of escape and a certain, bloody death.

A record number of 12 children and youth overcame any fears of public speaking knowing that persecuted wildlife needed their voice. Finally, after approximately 55 people spoke against fox penning and 17 people for, the FWC Commissioners stated that Fox Penning will be prohibited in Florida.

Bravo to the children, all of the individual animal activists and organization representatives who took the time and expense to travel the distance to speak or spread the word about this heinous practice that belongs in the same arena as dog fighting and bear baiting. Training Not Torture was formed when a Florida family living next door to a fox penning operation heard the cries of a coyote victim, half of the children who spoke came from this group. They will be featured in KidsHelpAnimals.com Kids News page along with the other animal hero kids who attended.

Thank you to HSUS, Peta, ARFF, the Pegasus Foundation, Florida Voices for Animals, the SPCA/Wildlife Care Center-HSUS, Safe Harbor, Big Cat Rescue, Tampa Bay for Animals and the compassionate, animal advocates who read about the FWC meeting in Letters to the Editor in every major Florida newspaper for their articulate contributions to yesterdays victory.

Thank you to FWC Commissioners for last Novembers undercover investigation resulting in 12 arrests of fox penner's and for their humane, decision to prohibit fox penning in Florida, Please, take the time to thank them at Commissioners@MyFWC.com

When we all band together, firm in our resolve to rescue other animals from exploitation and abuse, we succeed.

"Animal Hero Kids Awarded for saving turtles"

Denise West, Teakalaha Whitecloud, and Aaron West stand with HERO Founder, Susan Hargreaves with Rocky Raccoon at the Earth Day event in FortLauderdale. The National Animal Hero Awards were given for the children's rescue of 100's of Sea Turtles with their many hours of volunteer work with Sea Turtle Oversight Protection (STOP).

Fort Lauderdale, FL- On April 17th at the Earth Day event at Birch State Park at 12:30 PM, 4 children ranging from 7 - 12 years of age will be receiving National Animal Hero Awards from KidsHelpAnimals.com

A hatching nest on Fort Lauderdale beach that was monitored by Denise and Aaron West and their father, the photo is reddish as the flash used was red, so as not to disturb the turtles.

Rocky Raccoon helped with the award ceremony which is dedicated to Ellen DeGeneres for her commitment to do the most good for all creatures, human and non-human, and for her adoption and promotion of an eco-friendly vegan diet The children dedicated hours of their time to re-direct newly hatched sea turtles away from hazardous street lights on the A1A beach road, ensuring the safe passage to their watery home of hundreds and hundreds of sea turtle infants, collectively. "Teakahla Whiteloud, 7 years of age, Ezra Frank, 10 years of age, Denise West, 12 years old, and Aaron West, 11 years of age, have donated a huge amount of their time, effort and a certain amount of heart to make a life saving difference to these beleaguered creatures "said, Susan Hargreaves, Founder of the National Animal Hero Program "What better time than this Earth Day event to recognize the children's dedication and display of compassion?" Previous recipients of the award have included children who have rescued injured dogs, wildlife and pigs from certain death see AnimalHeroKids.org for details.

See the video of National Animal Hero Awards presented at Earth Day Event at Birch State Park.

The children have worked many hours for Sea Turtle Oversight Protection (STOP) an all volunteer sea turtle rescue effort whose mission is to ensure the safety of sea turtle hatchlings for future generations of the earth and its oceans ...

"Young Summer Campers"

Famous photo sent round the world

Young Summer Campers Learned how they can help all animals

On July 9 Fifty Miami summer campers from the ages of 5 - 13 years of age participated in multiple humane education programs, they learned how they can be heroes to other animals. As a great first step to helping farm animals who live miserable lives on factory farms the children made their own vegan sandwiches from different types of bread, Tofurkey slices, Earth Balance marg, Tofutti Cream Cheese, romaine lettuce leaves, tomato slices, and potato chips, washed down with Choc & Vanilla Silk with Barry's vegan pastry twists for dessert, all these yummy vegan items were bought at Publix.

"Broward Students Plead for Nosey the Elephant's Rescue"

Broward Students Speak Out

Broward County Elementary School students and middle school students have sent video pleas to Gov Crist to help Nosey, the abused African Elephant in Mount Dora. These Elementary and Middle School students know injustice and animal cruelty when they see it and have committed to act. Their video plea to Gov Crist to intervene on Nosey's behalf is heartfelt, eloquent and brave. It is not always easy to speak out for those who cannot speak for themselves, these children are determined to be a voice for this captive, abused elephant.

Join Students of All Ages and Speak Up for Nosey the Elephant.

Nosey is with Liebling Family Circus in Florida, this outfit violates animal welfare regulations on a regular basis. There is a signed affidavit about a trainer turning the lights off during the show, tying all 4 of her legs down and beating her with bullhooks, and encouraging other circus workers to join in using sledge hammers and shovels.

The situation is dire. The Fish and Wildlife Commission and Governor Crist need to hear there is an outcry in order for Nosey to be confiscated. There have been many instances where elephants in these constant abusive situations go berserk. This happened with Janet an elephant in Palm Bay, FL. when she was giving 11 children rides on her back, Janet was shot 27 times. The day before the circus had sold her baby to another circus. It is just a matter of time before Nosey reaches her breaking point.

Videotape a short message (1-2 minutes) like a commercial, showing your art work or murals or letters to the Fish and Wildlife Commision (FWC) and simply urge Governor Crist and the FWC Commision to take action and confiscate Nosey the elephant, prosecute the circus to the full extent of the law and to ban them from being able to own/use elephants again. This is an opportunity to be creative with getting your message across. If you cannot videotape, how about a photo of your group/class/pets club/ holding up a sign asking for Nosey to be rescued from her daily torment ?

Please, email it to kind2all@bellsouth.net and Governor Crist Charlie.Crist@MyFlorida.com and to rodney@thebarretogroup.com and kenneth.haddad@fwc.state.fl.us

To see samples of video messages that have already been sent to Governor Crist and the FWC Commission go here and here.

"Miami Kids"

Susan Hargreaves with the Miami heroes

The students say they didn't think they were doing anything special, but a local animal organization called them heroes ... read Miami students honored for saving injured puppy

"Grove Park Elementary Pets Club"

At the presentation

Grove Park Elementary Pets Club learned about the plight of all species of animals and how they can help them with the You Can Be an Animal Hero presentation. The Pets Club members learned about the cruelty of circuses with animal acts, the endless captivity of performing animals including dolphins and orcas at Seaworld and the Miami Seaquarium, and Canada's shameful mass baby seal killing. Go to book a program or the Education page to choose a program for your school.

Making Hero Subs

Grove Park Pet Club members built their own completely vegetarian/vegan hero subs with yummy ingredients like Follow Your Heart Monterey Jack Soy Cheese, Tofurkey, Light Life soy Pepperoni, Lettuce, tomatoes, Earth Balance margarine, Veggenaise, Tofutti cream cheese with vegan Paul Newman Oreos dipped in Choc Silk or Vanilla Silk for desert. Seeing and tasting how easy it is to eat food that does not come with a history of animal cruelty.

Veg Variety

Bonnie Mugavero, Grove Park Elementary School's Pet Club sponsor said that the children could not believe all of the different types of food choices there are that are not made from animals.

"Sydale Clarke Writes"

Sydale contemplates his next column for our site about helping animals.

You may remember Sydale Clark and his rescue of an injured mourning dove when he was in Grade 5 in Oriole Elementary School in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Well, now this remarkable young man is graduating early from high school and will write a regular commentary for HERO.

Here is Sydale's Inaugural Column...

Let's welcome President Elect Barack Obama

Our new President Elect Barack Obama is determined to spread change, equal chances and unity across America. One way I believe he can start to unify our "whole" country is by implementing a law on an issue that we all should become involved in such as abandonment and cruelty towards animals. Animals always seem to invoke people's emotions but not enough for everyone to stand against these actions. We all say how we love animals and how cuddly and cute they are, but everyday there is news of another dog, cat, and other animals being abused or neglected. I hope our NEW President of Change, looks into this cause and finds it important enough to change the laws throughout our country to help our animals and keep them from being treated or looked at as "just an animal".

If attempted and/or done, President Obama would accomplish two goals in one. Which would be, ending animal cruelty and his well televised plan to Change and unify America.

"Alternative Energy"

Summer Campers learn about alternative energy sources, a segment of Caring Fields Animal Sanctuary's Education Center Humane Programs. Go to for more info go to www.caringfields.org/Educ.html

"Mr Clucky visits Miami Springs Elementary School"

Mr Clucky a rescued rooster loves people. He has a lot to crow about, most of his relatives live in overcrowded conditions and suffer horrible deaths. To learn more about Mr Clucky go to www.mrclucky.com

"Voices for animals"

Henry, Laura, Ingrid, Susan and Wendy at Peta's Award Celebration for Justine Goodman.

The young voices shouted out "We're All Animals !" in unison at Sublime Vegetarian Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Henry, Laura and Wendy finished their song to the sounds of applause in the crowded room. In the front table sat Justin Goodman, the University of Connecticut student who through perserverance and hard work stopped the painful chimpanzee experiments that were taking place in the basement of his University. Ingrid Newkirk, author of 50 Awesome Ways Kids Can Help Animals, was also sitting at the same table watching the song come to a close. Ingrid was there to give an award to Justin for speaking out against animal cruelty. Justin is now working on getting the last chimp, Mowgli, out of the University's basement and into a sanctuary.

You Can Help! Send us your artwork of Mowgli in his new leafy sanctuary home with other chimps for company along with a request to the Dean of the University to let Mowgli go to a sanctuary. Mowgli needs to live out the rest of his days free from harm. Get a group of friends together to draw or paint posters with a "Mowgli Needs Sanctuary" statement. Mail us a photo of your group holding up your pictures or letters to PO Box 1057 Alachua, FL 32616 or email in your photo to kind2all@bellsouth.net

Prizes for the best photos!

You Can Sing, Rap or Recite the "We're All Animals" song at local talent contests, school shows or any community event you can. Spread the word that being cruel to animals is not acceptable.

Here's the song...

We're All Animals lyrics 
by Susan Hargreaves 

We're All Animals
We're All Animals

Like the tiger in his cage
Looks up to the sky
He needs to be free
We feel his sad rage

We're All Animals
We're All Animals

Like the horse in the rodeo
A strap tied tight and low
Like the calf missing her mom as she's dragged, roped, 
Just part of the show

We're All Animals
We're All Animals

Like the hungry dog without a home
Scared and lonely
The streets, he's sentenced to roam
Until we help him, you and me,

We're All Animals
We're All Animals

The chicken is a bird like any other
In Africa they used to sleep in trees for cover
Now they're overcrowded in cages and sentenced to the dark
The only light they see is when the slaughterhouse truck parks

We're All Animals
We're All Animals

How can we help them?
You and Me
How can we help our animal family?

First, we can do no harm,
Yes, Do no harm,
That rule, works like a charm 

And remember...

We're all Animals
Can't you see
We're all Animals 
Part of the same family

We're all Animals

"On stage at Panther Run Elementary School"

All 900 children at Panther Run Elementary school learned how they can be animal heroes.

Kitty T Cat, Horace Horse and Rocky Raccoon all came to listen to the children read their pledges to help animals. If you would like a presentation for your school or group call 561-676-3735 or email kind2all@bellsouth.net

"Chow time!"

Teakala visits Caring Fields Animal Sanctuary!

"Laura and two friends."

Laura volunteers to help with humane education programs.

Laura meets two rescued horses from Caring Fields Animal Sanctuary. Laura is a great help to animals, she is a Spanish translator for humane education presentations. Horses can be injured and abused at rodeos, horse races and horse carriage rides, Laura tells all of her friends not give any money to businesses that hurt animals.

"Serious about helping animals!"

A Girl Scout troop in Florida are serious about helping animals and also enjoyed a great veggie party!

"Do you come here often?"

Sydale, Animal Hero Award Recipient Visits the Cats at Caring Fields Animal Sanctuary

Sydale Clark was walking to his 5th Grade class one sunny morning in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with his friends. He noticed a mourning dove huddled near a bush, she was bleeding from the back of the head. Sydale said to his friends "We have to help this injured bird, his friends laughed, and said "Come on, Sydale, who cares". Sydale still had the Animal Hero Card in his school bag that he had received from a school assembly presentation that Susan Hargreaves had conducted. He remembered the instructions, and carefully put the bird in a box, after you put holes in the box and quietly transport to a wildlife rescue facility. He brought the bird to his school office and called they called the number of the Wildlife ambulance. Thanks to Sydale's rescue the mourning dove was released two weeks later in the same neighborhood. When asked why he helped the bird instead of listening to his friends Sydale said, "If I didn't help the bird who would?"

Oswald Park Wins the "Be Kind to Animals" Trophy

Oswald "steppers" feet leave the stage.

A spoken word and step dance performance by Oswald Park Summer Camp won the "Be Kind to Animals" category initiated by Susan Hargreaves for Broward Star Time. Five hundred children participated in the talent contest from every single summer camp in the Broward County Parks and Recreation program. The group wowed the audience with their talent and style. At the same time, they urged the audience to treat companion animals as part of their family.

Enter the Animal Rescue Contest

Do you have a story of an animal rescue? Can you write a fiction or nonfiction story of a compassionate, courageous or daring animal rescue? Be creative. Three winners will be chosen to receive baskets filled with videos, books and a Caring Fields Animal Sanctuary t-shirt. The written essays should be one to two pages. Please send entries to Fund for Abused Animals, P.O. Box 770444, Coral Springs, 33077-0444

Troy Parry Does the Right Thing!

Nine-year-old Troy Parry was on his way to his mother's car when he saw a blue jay on the ground. Troy could tell immediately that this bird needed help. He said to his mom, "We have to stop and help this bird, this blue jay is hurt." They brought the bird to the Wildlife Care Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Sydale Clark Rules!

Sydale Clark receives the Animal Hero Award.

Evan and Natalie Stand Up for Animals

Evan and Natalie saw a man shooting wild quaker parakeets in their neighborhood. Horrified, the girls called the police, the man was charged with animal cruelty. Now the parrots and all the other birds in the neighborhood fly safely thanks to Evan and Natalie's actions.

Coral Reef High School Students Save Pigs from Certain Death

Coral Reef High School farm students raise farm animals from babies and then sell them for slaughter at the Dade County Fair every year. The fate of these animals is dismal. Thanks to the courage of five Coral Reef High School students, the outcome for four lucky animals was different. Leonor Armas, Natasha Patter, Tanya Reddy, Ana Mendieta and Lori Hussen spoke on the pigs' behalf at the Miami- Dade County school board meeting. Frank Cobo was the only school board member that wanted to save them. The girls and a great friend of animals, activist Steve Rosen, went to the fair's animal auction. Four animals were saved from certain slaughter that night thanks to the caring actions of Steve and the students. You can help pigs and other farm animals by thinking about where the food on your plate comes from. Choose veggie dogs instead of hot dogs. Have a go veggie party for animals and serve vegetarian food.

Brother and Sister Win Rap/HipHop/Poetry Contest

It was a hard choice but the winner of the rap/hiphop/poetry contest ended up being brother and sister, ten-year-old Nico and 12-year-old Stefani Ariza.

Who am I?

I have an ingenious way of keeping the sun off my skin,
I love to be rubbed beside and under my chin,
Most people don't know that my IQ is so high,
And that I love to play tag and gallop towards the sky,
One of my kind is a famous movie star,
To find a friend as loyal as me you would have to go far,

WHO AM I???? Answer at the bottom of page

Animal Hero Kids Club

Enroll in The Animal Hero Kids Club, you can help animals in many ways, find out how in the Animal Hero Kids Club. Participate in service learning projects that help animals, and get volunteer service credits for school. Speak up for those with no voice.

Child's Name: __________________________________

Age: ________ Address: __________________________


City: ___________________ State:______ Zip:_________

Ask Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,

Finally my mother has agreed to allow me to have a cat. I am so excited. I want to go to the Pet Store right now and buy one. But my mother says I have to research what cats need first and how we can make sure the cat will be happy and healthy. I thought if anyone would know the best way to add a cat to our family, you would. But answer quickly because I can't wait.

Signed Patient-not in Palm Beach

Dear Patient-not,

It is lovely that you are so willing to open your heart to a furred family member. Your mother sounds like a wise woman. At the time of writing this letter Hobe Sound Animal Protection League , the resident cat rescue group at Caring Fields Animal Sanctuary has over 100 cats for adoption. How on earth did we get that many cats you might ask? A big part of the answer is that it's easy to buy a cat without thinking about the care she will need for up to 22 years. Some people neglect or abandon their cat. If you adopt from the Caring Fields Animal Sanctuary, you will be giving a cat that has lost his family a second chance.

All of the female cats have an operation called spaying and the male cats an operation called neutering. This ensures they will not have any babies as there are already not enough homes for the cats that exist right now.

Caring Fields Animal Sanctuary have so many cats that even I was compelled to adopt two cats. I adopted two so they could be friends to each other. The adoption volunteer said my banyan tree home would be fine as long as I kept the cats inside, out of danger and away from birds that they may harm.. Really, you would think that she would know that I would be a responsible feline mother. That's how careful the adoption volunteers are at Caring Fields Animal Sanctuary, they even checked out Mother Nature!

Answer to WHO AM I?

If you guessed a pig, you were right!

Pigs are extremely intelligent and social; they cover their skin with mud to prevent sunburn. Pigs make great pets and most love to be rubbed under the chin when they are happy in their home. They play tag like dogs do and can sniff out roots and yummy mushrooms that are buried under the ground. This is called rooting. Babe is the famous star from the movie of the same name.

Most pigs in the United States live miserable lives in overcrowded factory farms. Mother pigs are surrounded by iron bars called gestation crates. They cannot even turn around or touch their back with their nose. Florida is the first and only state to ban these gestation crates.

Tara Tyrrell helped pigs and other farm animals by having a veggie burger barbecue & tofutti cuties, frozen soy ice-cream treats, for her 13th birthday party, everyone who attended learned how they could help animals and had fun at the same time.

The Happy Piglet

A happy piglet

This piglet is very happy, just before going back to her Mum's side. For more info on rescued farm animals go to Farm Sanctuary.

The Compassion Cruiser

Cruiser of Compassion

Book the Compassion Cruiser to visit your school. Call 561-236-8843.


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