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Fostering an awareness of all the other species who share this earth.

Humane Education fosters compassion and teaches kindness and respect for other animals. Empathy leads to compassion and considerations for others. This is one of the most important elements of character and humane education.

Humane Education is long-term life insurance for the animals and the planet.

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"Children trained to extend justice, kindness, and mercy to animals become more just, kind and considerate in their relations to each other. Character Training along these lines will result in men and women of broader sympathies, more humane, more law abiding, in every respect more valuable citizens."
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News Announcements

2013 Animal Hero Kids Awards in Los Angeles

THE LATEST PHENOMENA......ANIMAL HERO KIDS!!!!!! America's Youth is leading the way in both ANIMAL AWARENESS & ACTS OF KINDNESS. An 11 year old Tennessee girl spoke against penning fox or coyote at the Fish & Wildlife Commission. Volunteers protect Sea Turtle hatchlings to find the sea. Miami students rescued a beaten puppy thrown down a sewer grate. School club are creating Meatless Mondays. An 8 year old spoke to city commissioners to ban electro shock prods. A 13 year old in Pennsylvania is producing a Vegan Cooking Show for You Tube, internationally, youth are also protesting animal abuse.

The founder of Animal Hero Kids, Susan Hargreaves, has worked tirelessly for three decades with schools, media, law enforcement, local citizen groups, national organizations to bring attention to the ills of factory farming and cruelty to animals. Now, this awareness and the opportunity to bring change are becoming the focus of our American Youth. Teachers, politicians, entertainers, newscasters, parents, law enforcement and organizations are joining with students to transform and educate Americans about being heroes to all species of animals.

Another MILESTONE in this transformation is the RUSSELL SIMMONS CREATIVE ANIMAL HERO KIDS AWARD in Los Angeles, California, late November, 2013. The Award will be given to any student under 17 years, who creates/produces a song, dance, poem, speech, rap, video that conveys the importance of helping animals. This award joins the NFL Heisman Trophy Winner, Ricky Williams, Animal Hero Award. Last year, Juliette West received the award for raising her own funds and the journey to Thailand to rescue an elephant from abuse in the animal/elephant trade. WHO will be our next student hero?

Looking for collaborative partners, sponsors, donors, supporters and volunteers for this years' Animal Hero Kids Awards in Los Angeles.

Do you know an Animal Hero Kid or youth who helps, rescues, advocates, educates tirelessly for animals? Please, send your nominations to kind2all@bellsouth.net or send tube video links entitled Animal Hero Creative Kids for the Russell Simmons Creative Animal Hero Kids Awards nominations to kind2all@bellsouth.net by October 31, 2013. If you wish to sponsor, support or collaborate with Animal Hero Kids, please, email kind2all@bellsouth.net

Another Animal Hero

9 year old Animal Hero Kids President, Dominic, recognizes an Animal Hero. Follow link to see clip:

Man Rescues Homeless Dog Hit by Car

[Find out] who received the Ricky Williams Animal Hero Kids Award
on Monday, Oct 22nd at 10 AM at Cinema Paradisio
in Fort Lauderdale, Fl.

Animal Hero Awards

Watch! .. Be An Animal Hero
with Justin Bieber, Ricky Williams, Ron Artest, Alec Baldwin, Sugar Shane Mosley, Susan Hargreaves and
the Animal Hero Kids..

HumaneEducatorsReachingOut.com and KidsHelpAnimals.com have been recognizing animal heroes of all ages for 15 years. Founder, Susan Hargreaves, has been presenting humane education programs for 30 years. A new video, Be an Animal Hero, featuring Justin Bieber, Metta World Peace formerly Ron Artest, Alec Baldwin, Ricky Williams, Sugar Shane Mosely and Animal Hero Kid award recipients is used as an anti-bullying tool across Florida, the DVD can be sponsored for schools and colleges. See the video on the HumaneEducatorsReachingOut.com home page.

Kids Get Awards for Saving Sea Turtles

Props for Students Who Saved Three-Legged Pup

Winnie the dog would have died if it hadn't been for seven middle school kids. [Click here]

View more videos at: http://nbcmiami.com.

HERO Awards


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